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Gym Warriors

Wrist bandages for sports

Wrist bandages for sports

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Wrist bandages for fitness and bodybuilding to stabilize the wrists for training with heavy weights.

The wrist wraps support you when training with heavy weights and relieve painful, weak or injured wrists.

The wrist wraps from Gym Warriors are indispensable for bench presses, shoulder presses, dips etc. and thus relieve the wrist for a symptom-free fitness training.

Our wrist wraps have a practical thumb loop and a quality Velcro fastener for a secure fit and quick removal.

In strength athletes and bodybuilders, the wrists are very sensitive when the wrong weight is applied to them. This problem can be counteracted well with wrist bandages or so-called wrist wraps.

  • Length: 25cm

Scope of delivery: 1 pair

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