About us

Gym Generation is one of the hottest fitness brands in the European market. With innovative ideas, we keep setting new standards in the field of fitness and lifestyle clothing.

The sportswear label Gym Generation was founded in 2014 to offer demanding athletes, modern and stylish gym wear, which is not available in every sports shop.

Our range has everything to offer what an athlete's heart desires. From gym hoodies, gym pants, gym tank tops, gym shirts to fitness accessories.

In addition to the unique style of Gym Generation, functionality should not be neglected. The coordinated designs allow a multitude of possible combinations. Our fitness clothes are developed by designers from the sports industry who attach great importance to functionality and style.

Our internationally protected brands “Gym Generation” and “Gym Warriors” combine fitness wear with street fashion. The result is a style that is absolutely hip and unique both in training and in leisure time.

We work with internationally known athletes and stars in the social media area. We ourselves also operate several successful channels such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube with a total reach of up to over 40,000 viewers a day.

Our logos stand for an attitude towards life - not only during training. When body and mind work together in harmony, every goal is achievable.

Our fitness wear makes this attitude recognizable for everyone. The names “Gym Generation” and “GymWarriors” are internationally protected brands. The same goes for our logos.